Applications of Mindful Awareness and Resonance to Psychotherapy

15 CEs and 15 EMDRIA Credits

This program teaches an innovative approach of using double focus of attention from egoic to expanded awareness through intuitive mindful skills and resonance. Introducing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), this transpersonal approach enhances the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model within which EMDR is based. Current research and literature will explain the convergence of psychology, science, and spirituality. The relationship to an accelerated process of higher brain integration and awareness will be linked to skills of silent intuitive processes within an interconnected field of energy and informational flow between therapist and client within each phase of EMDR. This program teaches valuable skills that can be applied to any form of psychotherapy that allows for the client to process information in the silent spaces of the imagination within an experience of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness. You will identify intuitive feedback mechanisms and apply it within a nonlinear, moment to moment integrative therapy through video recorded lectures, case presentation, and experiential exercise. This program is highly experiential with the aide of audio recorded guided meditations. You will develop new skills for your practice, allowing your clients to have the opportunity to process trauma from an expanded state within a shared interconnected field of information and energy flow.

You Will Learn:

  • Identify the relationship between science, psychology, and spiritual philosophy as it applies to resonance and mindful awareness.

  • Develop skills of meditation and mindful awareness.

  • Identify and develop skills of spiritual resonance as it applies to psychotherapy.

  • Identify the relationship of the human energy field to psychological healing and development.

  • Identify skills of alternative ways of knowing such as inner vision, hearing, knowing, kinesthetic bodily sensations.

  • Identify skills of internal intuitive tracking to determine client/therapist resonance as an assessment and healing tool.

  • Identify the skills of mindful awareness, resonance, and internal feedback mechanisms into the EMDR protocol, developing a non-linear integrative approach to the standard protocol.

  • Identify the role of the transpersonal therapist healer in modern day psychotherapy, blending western psychology with knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions.

  • Identify three of the elements of an integrated transpersonal approach to EMDR.

  • Develop the intuitive skill of tracking energy and information flow within the client/therapist interaction.

Interactive 4 Module Learning Class

This class will be offered in four modules, over a four week period of time. One module will be released each week on Thursday mornings containing video presentations, audio guided meditations, and reading assignments. This material can be reviewed any time at your convenience during each week.

There will be an opportunity to interact in the discussion sections of each lesson, and to participate in one live Zoom conference call per week lasting between one and one and a half hours. The Zoom conference call will take place on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 pm Eastern Time. and will be recorded and posted on the learning site.

This program contains approximately 8 non-interactive hours and 7 interactive hours. This course is open to all EMDR and non-EMDR trained therapists in the mental health field. This program is NOT an EMDR Basic Training.

Prior to the beginning of the program, non-EMDR trained therapists are required to read: Shapiro, F. (2018). Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing: EMDR, basic principles, protocols, and procedures. (3rd ed.) New York, NY: Guilford.


  • Module 1 available October 20

  • Module 2 available October 27

  • Module 3 available November 3

  • Module 4 available November 10

  • Final Zoom call November 16

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Upload your information for CE Credits

  • 2


    • A note on site navigation

    • How to navigate the course and other technical FAQs


    • Introduce yourself on the course community board

  • 3

    Module 1 - Convergence of Science, Psychology, and Spiritual Traditions - 4 hours


    • Module 1 Video Lesson

    • Guided Meditation: Divine Attunement

    • Community Board - Let's all check in!

    • Module 1 Live Zoom Conference Call - Wednesday October 26, 2022, 8:30 pm Eastern Time

    • Module 1 Recorded Zoom Call - Click Here

  • 4

    Module 2 - Mindful Awareness and Resonance in EMDR - 4 hours


    • Module 2 Video Lesson One

    • Module 2 Video Lesson Two - Case Presentation

    • Guided Meditation: Inner Teacher

    • Community Board - Let's all check in!

    • Module 2 Live Zoom Conference Call - Wednesday November 2, 2022, 8:30 pm Eastern Time

    • Module 2 Recorded Zoom Call - Click Here

  • 5

    Module 3 - Internal Feedback Mechanisms Through Mindful Awareness - 4 hours


    • Module 3 Video Lesson

    • Guided Meditation: Sharing Attunement

    • Community Board - Let's Check In!

    • Module 3 Live Zoom Conference Call - Wednesday November 9, 2022, 8:30 pm Eastern Time

    • Module 3 Recorded Zoom Call

  • 6

    Module 4 - The Transpersonal Therapist/Healer - 4 hours


    • Module 4 Video Lesson

    • Guided Meditation: Spiritual Resonance

    • Community Board - Let's Check In!!

    • Module 4 Live Zoom Conference Call - Wednesday November 16, 2022, 8:30 pm Eastern Time

    • Module 4 Recorded Zoom Call

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15 Continuing Education Credits and 15 EMDRIA Credits

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Full fee is $350. Early registration through September 5 is $295. Use coupon code "early" when registering. Cancellation Policy: Full refund through September 15, 2022. 50% refund through September 30, 2022. No refunds as of October 1, 2022. All cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee.

About Dr. Irene Siegel

Irene R. Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW is director of Center Point Counseling in Huntington N.Y. where she conducts her integrative EMDR therapy practice and teaches meditation and healing. She received her doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia Univ.), and her masters in Social Work from Columbia University.She studied the ancient healing arts of indigenous cultures throughout North and South America, and teaches the integration of Western psychotherapy with ancient healing arts as depicted in her recently published book The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom, and Client Transformation. As an Approved EMDR Consultant, teacher, and lecturer she has broken through traditional barriers introducing the innovative concept of integrating mindful awareness and resonance into the EMDR protocol. For more information visit